Orange Park Glass & Mirror-Specializing in Customized Home Solutions

For your home, Orange Park Glass and Mirror offers:

  • Custom Tub and Shower Enclosures
  • Custom Mirror Walls
  • Vanity Mirrors
  • Table Tops
  • Glass Replacements
  • Insulated Glass and Tempered Glass
  • Impact Glass
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John Wells, Owner
369 Blanding BLVD. Ste 909
Orange Park, Florida 32073
Residential Glass and Mirror Specialists

Brighten up your living space with glass and mirrors! Orange Park Glass and Mirror offers creative and elegant alternatives for your window glass, walls and bathrooms. We also produce stunning table tops for your dining room, living room or kitchen.

Call us to discuss design options for glass used in windows, skylights, sliding doors, and shower and tub enclosures.

Orange Park Glass and Mirror offers HydroShield, a special protective coating applied to glass that repels water and protects against environmental pollutants, hard water, harsh cleaners and corrosion for three years or more.

It also makes maintenance much easier and what could be better than that? 

Orange Park Glass & Mirror does not offer window frames, window frame replacement/repair, sliding door frames, replacement/repair or skylight frames replacement/repair.